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Late for an Appointment?

Let us first say that we truly respect you and your busy life. We also understand that plans change, you get stuck in traffic and in meetings, kids need attention, and the thousand other things that may go haywire in a busy woman’s day. The truth is though, in order for the business of ten20 to work, we must also respect the time of the person who is scheduled just in line behind you! In order for us to stay on schedule, and accommodate everyone who has booked services for the day — as well as keep our commissioned service staff and their families housed and well-fed — we must, more often than not, stick to the plan.

Here’s the deal, if you are up to one-third late for an appointment, we must abbreviate your scheduled service. If you are more than one-third late for a scheduled service we will need to re-schedule your service for another time. We will always do everything we can to accommodate you.

Please, No No-Shows

Just a reminder… when you reserve a spot at ten20 — whether a stool, a comfy pedicure chair, or the ever-glamorous waxing table — we’re holding that spot just for you!

If for some reason your plans change, and you are not able to make your appointment, please give us 3-hour notice of cancellation so we can open the slot up to another client. If it happens again and again (3 times), we’ll ask for your credit card info and if it happens again, we’ll charge the card for the service you missed. Sorry.

Let Your Polish Dry Before You Leave the Building

Again, we get that you’re a woman on the move, however… when you get your nails done, you must slow down and let them dry before leaving the building. Once you’ve left ten20, we can’t protect you from the wild and woolly world of keys in the bottom of your purse, latte money in your wallet, or any other nicks, smears, or chips!

If after leaving the building, you make a wrong move and smudge your polish, we’re more than happy to fix your boo-boo, but… we’ll have to charge you for a $15 polish change.

Shellac (Sorry, but No Guarantee!)

Our staff has been trained by Shellac representatives, become proficient at applying and removing the Shellac products, and discussed (with each other and the company) the problems we’ve encountered with the “fickleness” of the products. We have found, in general, that it is NOT bullet proof, does not like to be dipped in water or oil, and does not hold up well if digging in the garden or playing in the sand. Additionally, the lighter colors seem to last longer than the dark ones. That said we’re not ready to give up on Shellac, and know that some of you, who must be very kind and gentle souls, love it and want more… and we want to be here to give it to you!

Due to the fickle nature of Shellac polish, we can only guarantee a Shellac manicure for up to 3 days. After 3 days, we will charge for re-dos, fixes, and malfunctions.

Fungus and stuff.

And finally, although not pleasant, by state law we must refuse service to anyone who seems to have any kind of communicable foot, hand or skin disease.

January 30, 2007 — A licensee shall not perform services on a client if the licensee has reason to believe the client has an unhealthy condition; a communicable disease; contagious condition; skin or nail tissue that is inflamed, infected, broken, raised or swollen; or an open wound or sore in the area affected unless the client provides written authorization from a licensed physician.

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